Prof Rebecca Stott

Wednesday, August 8 2012 at 7:30PM

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48 John Bright Street
B1 1BN

Prof Rebecca Stott

What's the talk about?

Rebecca Stott will tell the story of her ten-year search to find the extraordinary thinkers - poets, philosophers and scientists - who dared to explore the possibility of the mutation of species in the two thousand years before Darwin published the Origin of Species. It is a story of pigeon breeders and secret police, of heretics and microscopes, of empires, libraries and stolen natural history collections, a story above all that confirms that evolution, in its challenge to religious, social and political orthodoxies, has always been a profoundly dangerous idea.

Rebecca Stott is Professor of English Literature and Creative Writing at UEA and the author of several books of fiction and non-fiction including Ghostwalk, The Coral Thief, Darwin and the Barnacle which all centre to some extent on the role of skepticism and transgression in the history of ideas, particularly the history of scientific ideas.