Sean Slater

Wednesday, May 8 2019 at 7:30PM

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48 John Bright Street
B1 1BN

Sean Slater

What's the talk about?

 We nearly all now carry around in our pockets something which just 15 years ago would have seemed utterly miraculous. From this little slab of light, and for a few £ a month we can touch a glass sheet and interact with most of the world’s population. We can share opinions, memories, hopes, fears, dreams and experiences as they happen and from almost anywhere on the planet, we have access to the sum of the world’s information just about whenever and wherever we want. Social media would likely not exist as it does without the smartphone. It’s probable that the huge changes in the political landscapes over the past 5 years would not have happened without it.

But do you even know how it works? Is having a microwave transmitter right next to your brain or in your pocket a bad thing? Can your mobile actually be killing you? How did the industry grow so quickly and what is the future for radio communications; is 5G the ‘killer’ technology many are making it out to be?

Sean Slater is the Vice-Chair of Edinburgh Skeptics Society and has worked in the mobile phone industry for over 25 years; seeing it grow from an expensive businessman’s toy to the ubiquitous consumer necessity it is now.

This is a free event, however we do suggest a £3 donation to cover speakers expenses.