A Fantastic Double Bill

Dr Matt Lodder and Dr Adam Kay of the Amateur Transplants

Wednesday, March 9 2011 at 7:30PM

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48 John Bright Street
B1 1BN

Dr Matt Lodder and Dr Adam Kay of the Amateur Transplants

What's the talk about?

To kick off this great night we have

Dr. Matt Lodder

with his debut sitp talk

Not Just for Sailors: A Sceptical Look at Media Perceptions of Tattooing in the West

As an opening line for an article in a popular newspaper about tattoos, the suggestion that "tattoos are not just for sailors anymore" is a familiar one. Indeed, it often feels as if the same sentiment graces every article about tattooing in the mainstream press: Tattooing, we've been told again and again recently, is coming of age - finally coming out of the murky shadows of the deviant underworld to leave its mark on the most well-heeled. Tattoos are now to be seen on catwalks, on trading floors and around the chicest tables.
The hacks who churn out these stories might be surprised to learn,then, that the popular media has been reporting the arrival of tattooing in high society for nearly one hundred years.

In a talk drawing on his doctoral thesis, Matt will be presenting a sceptical look at media perceptions of tattooing in recent decades, and present an alternative way of looking at, and thinking about tattoos: as art objects in their own right."



Then we have:

Adam Kay, from Amateur Transplants.


Picture of Adam Kay of the Amateur Transplants

 Adam Kay trained as a doctor, and now works as a writer and comedian. His least unsuccessful project to date is Amateur Transplants - singing smutty songs at a piano.

He has had 20 million YouTube hits (London Underground song), and is "Wonderfully funny" (Scotsman).

"This made me very, very happy" (Stephen Fry).

"I can't say the word c*nt any more. Amateur Transplants have devalued the currency of swearing" (Tim Minchin)