Wednesday, February 22 2012 at 7:00PM

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176 Edmund Street
West Midlands
B3 2HB


What's the talk about?

 According to Wikipedia this is the date Galileo's Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Systems was published and we know you'll all want to celebrate with us.  No?  Well how about just meeting up for a nice pint with a bunch of equally nice folk?  That's right, it's time for the Brum Skeptics February social!


We had lots of people tell us they liked the Old Contemptibles, so we figured we'd give that another go.  It's near Snow Hill train station on Edmund St and we usually try and sit up the back as it's good for tables, which is handy if you're planning on eating plus wheelchair user accessible which makes us like the place even more.


As always, look out for one (or more) or the organisers, some familiar faces and possibly a stuffy-toy melon.  If that's all a bit too wishy-washy for you, leave us a message here or tweet us (@brum_skeptics) and we'll arrange to meet you beforehand.